Patent Law Specialization

To qualify for the Patent Law Specialization a student must:

  • Meet all of the course, credit, writing and GPA requirements for completion of the Intellectual Property Concentration
  • Have taken the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Registration Exam (the "Patent Bar") or demonstrate that she or he has the appropriate science background to qualify to take the Patent Bar. (The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office established the established the requirements for eligibility to take the Patent Bar.)
    • Interested students may show proof of Patent Bar eligibility by providing:
      • Evidence that the student has passed the patent bar exam;
      • Evidence provided by the student that he/she has a degree that clearly makes him/her eligible to take the patent bar exam (i.e. engineering degree from accredited program; PhD in Biology or Chemistry); or
      • Evidence provided by the student that he/she has applied to take the patent bar exam and been deemed eligible to take the exam by the PTO.
    • Take the Patent Law course; and
    • Take two (2) more courses from the following list as Intellectual Property Concentration electives:
      • Biotech Patent Law 2 credits
      • Patent Prosecution I: Drafting 2 credits
      • Patent Prosecution II: PTO Practice 2 credits
      • Patent Litigation Seminar 2 credits
      • Concentration Thesis on a patent law-related topic 2 credits
      • Giles Rich Patent Moot Court Team