Students in Mashpee Tribal Court

Studying law is one thing; practicing law is another. Suffolk students do a lot of both.

Opportunities include:

  • working in a law firm in China, South Africa or Boston;
  • presenting an appeal in a moot court tournament in London, or a defense in a national mock trial competition in California;
  • drafting briefs for a District Court judge;
  • coaching Boston area high school students for national moot court competition on current Constitutional issues;
  • representing a single mother facing eviction, a homeless man seeking disability insurance, or an inventor whose idea was stolen; or
  • externing in a bank, a government office, a non-profit agency, a court, or a law firm.

In one year, students filled more than 400 externships, enrolled in 10 in-house clinics, spent 16,000 hours doing pro bono legal work, and competed in 17 regional and national trial tournaments.

That’s a lot of applying-the-law learning.