Make the Most of Your Internship

The Center for Career Equity, Development and Success offers resources to students completing their internship to help them make the most of their experience. Taking these additional steps can turn a good internship into a great one!

Register Your Internship

Let the Career Center know about your internship by registering your internship with us. By registering your internship, you’ll get access to:

  • SkillSurvey
  • Internship kickoff workshops
  • Funding notifications

Register your Internship

Get Feedback on Your Performance

Constructive and regular feedback from supervisors, colleagues, and mentors on your performance can help you learn, grow, and prepare for the next step in your career.


SkillSurvey is a performance assessment tool that can help students gain insights into their career readiness skills and areas for improvement. Through the SkillSurvey platform, students and evaluators complete a 10-minute survey, rating 28-30 behaviors to measure students’ career readiness across the eight essential areas, which generates a Career Readiness Report providing students with insights critical to their career preparation and success.