Summer Law Courses

Based on course descriptions. Students are encouraged to review course descriptions and/or consult with faculty members scheduled to teach the course with any questions relative to the information as it appears in this material. Information relative to legal writing requirement and prerequisites have been provided.

Students may enroll in only 1 Trial Practice/Trial Advocacy course during their law school career

Students may enroll in only 1 non-classroom activity per semester

Moot Court Team members are distinguished from Moot Court Members in that 2 credits are assigned only in the semester in which the competition is held

HYB Hybrid Course - More than one-third of the instruction is online.

WEB Web Course - All instruction is online.

Legal Writing Requirement (with Legal Writing Requirement form)

x Paper required for course which may qualify for writing requirement

x+ With permission from the instructor

x++ With permission from an Associate Dean and Adjunct Faculty Member

No more than 12 credits from Clinical and/or Externship programs can be counted towards the JD Degree All Legal Externship placements are subject to the approval of the Director

Disclaimer: The Law Faculty reserve the right to change the schedule of classes, the program of instruction, the requirements for credits or degrees, and any rule or regulation established for the government of the student body in the school. Any such change may be made applicable to students already enrolled in the Law School.