Summer Law Faculty

Name Title
Hon. Michael Bolden   Adjunct Professor
Hon. Isaac Borenstein (Ret.)  Instructor in Law
Erin Braatz  Assistant Professor of Law
Meredith Conway  Professor of Law
William Corbett  Professor of Law and Faculty Director of Tax LLM Program
Sara Dillon  Professor of Law
Steven Eisenstat Professor of Law
Steven Ferrey Professor of Law
John Infranca  Professor of Law
Christopher Gibson  Professor of Law and Director of Business Law and Financial Services Concentration 
James Horgan Adjunct Professor
Philip Kaplan Associate Professor of Academic Support
Jenn Karnakis Adjunct Professor
Katie Lev Adjunct Professor 
Patricia Malley Adjunct Professor
Pon Nokham  Adjunct Professor
Marc Perlin  Professor of Law
Sarah Schendel
Associate Professor of Academic Support
Elizabeth Stillman Associate Professor of Academic Support
Liz Valentin
Clinical Fellow