West Study Aids

When you're reviewing your class notes, or preparing for a final exam, study aids can provide an excellent supplemental source of information. Because of their value, study aids can come with a hefty price tags if you purchase your own for class. We keep a number on reserve at the library, but these can only be checked out for two-hour periods and are often in high demand.

Fortunately, you can now access many popular West Academic study aids anywhere for as long as you want!

The subscription includes popular West series like HornbooksNutshellsGilbert Law Summaries, Sum and Substance Audio, and more!

For one example, on the topic of criminal law alone, the subscription offers seventeen unique resources, including: Black Letter Outline on Criminal LawGilbert Law Summary on Criminal Law, and Criminal Law in a Nutshell.

Visit this link to access Suffolk's subscription.

You can access the full subscription simply by following the above link. However, if you'd like to highlight and bookmark, create your own account with its own unique login by going to the main page and selecting "Create an Account."  

Note: West Academic Study Aids CANNOT be accessed through your Westlaw account. This is a separate subscription accessible from the above link.