Write-On Resources

The library has a number of resources to help you with your write-on competition.

Find examples of case comments

Consulting other case comments when writing your own is always a good idea. Visit the online editions of the Suffolk Law journals for examples. Case comments ending in 2013 can be found here

To find more examples, you can visit Westlaw or Lexis Advance and perform an advanced search:

  • On Westlaw, first limit your search to “Law Reviews and Journals” by typing that phrase into the main search bar and selecting that database from the drop-down menu that appears. Then, go to the Advanced Search link and search the “Preliminary” field for “case /3 comment."  Enter relevant keywords in the "Text" field to find comments on a particular issue.
  • On Lexis Advance, under the “Content Type” tab, click the “Secondary Materials” link. From there, select “Law Reviews & Journals.” In the main search bar, type “case /3 comment” and relevant keywords to find comments on a particular issue.

Learn how to use the Bluebook

The library has its own how-to guide for Bluebook citation, with instructions on how to construct the most common citation forms. 
There are also several copies of the latest edition of the Bluebook on reserve behind the library circulation desk. You can check their catalog entry here to see how many are currently available to be checked out. 

Boost your legal writing skills

Visit this guide to see a list of books that the library has on legal writing. Below are several particularly relevant publications: