Student Resources


To ensure adequate space for social distancing, we have reduced the amount of seating in the law library.  We plan to have seating both for quiet study and for students who are taking online courses.  In addition, we will be implementing a seat reservation system to control capacity and track usage.  Students who want to use the library will be required to reserve a seat ahead of time, check into the seat when they arrive for their reservation, and check out when they leave.

Library patrons will be required to wear masks at all times.  Food and drink will be prohibited from all locations within the law library.

We hope to be able to maintain the library’s regular hours of operation but may need to start the semester with a reduced schedule until we have sufficient staffing. 


The Research Desk will be operating virtually and with extended hours, from 10am to 6pm, Monday through Thursday, and 10am to 5pm on Friday, and by appointment. If you’re in the library and stop by the Research Desk, you can check out our sign for a QR code or meeting ID to speak with a librarian immediately. If you’re home, you can email us for the meeting ID and we can meet with you if it is during a time that the Research Desk is open. For a Zoom meeting, or for any other requests, email us at:


We have talked to the publishers about providing electronic access to coursebooks for the new academic year. Unfortunately, we determined that this was not feasible, and we were not able to arrange for e-access.

We are planning to maintain the law library’s print course reserves of required and recommended coursebooks, however, access will be more limited than in the past as we follow guidance on quarantining books between checkouts. We know that some students relied on the law library’s course reserves and understand the difficulties caused by the circulation limitations and lack of digital copies.  As guidance changes we hope to be able to circulate course reserves more frequently, and we will continue to explore possible ways to share materials remotely.

  • Do a Keyword search in the library catalog using the names of the book and first author (note that if you search by Course Reserves you will not be able to place a hold).
  • Review the results to locate the correct book (use the title, authors, publisher, and year of publication to confirm).
  • Click the title of the book to see the full record. Double-check that it is the book you need (on this screen you can also view the edition number).
  • To place a hold, click Request in the left-side menu.
  • Sign in using your full name and Suffolk ID number.
  • Select the radio button for one of the listed items and click Request Selected Item.
  • If you are the first student to request a book, it will be held for you to pick up at the circulation desk in the law library. If you request a book that has any status other than “Available” (for example, “On Holdshelf” or “Item is currently in quarantine”), we will notify you when it is available to be picked up. Course reserves can be used for up to 5 hours.

We are implementing this system of requesting and holding course reserve items as a way to try to allow the sharing of limited resources as fairly as possible. This is a new process for us, and we appreciate your understanding as we roll it out. As guidance changes we hope to be able to circulate course reserves more frequently, and we will continue to explore possible ways to share materials remotely.


As always, a variety of online study aids are available to you from any location. Access West Academic  and CALI exercises directly, or browse our course-specific research guides.  


As a reminder, if you want to keep up with the news, you have access to the Washington Post through this link (you’ll be prompted for your Suffolk login). 

All Suffolk Law students now have free access to the New York Times. If you’d like to set up a NYT account for yourself, please go 
here for more details.

VI. INTERLIBRARY LOANS (ILL)  We will continue to try our best to fill e-requests.  To submit an ILL request, go here.

VII. Checked-Out Items and Overdue Books

The health and safety of our patrons is our top priority. If you currently have any law library materials or inter-library loan items checked-out, please hold on to them until you feel it is safe to drop them off. Alternatively, you could contact us about mailing back your returns.