Grade Calculation

Grade point calculation is determined by multiplying the numerical grade equivalency 4.0(A), 3.67 (A-), 3.33 (B+), 3.00 (B), 2.67 (B-), 2.33 (C+), 2.00 (C), 1.67 (C-), 1.33 (D+), 1.00 (D), .67 (D-), 0 (F) by the credits earned for each course. Grade Points are then divided by credits earned for the terms to equal Grade Point Average. Satisfactory grades without a numerical equivalent are included in the total hours toward the degree, but are not included in the numerically graded hours or grade point average.

Transcript Grading Key

A 4.0  
A- 3.67  
B+ 3.33  
B 3.00  
B- 2.67  
C+ 2.33  
C 2.00  
C- 1.67 Unsatisfactory
D+ 1.33 Unsatisfactory
D 1.00 Unsatisfactory
D- 0.67 Unsatisfactory
F 0.00 Failure
HH High Honors  
H Honors  
P Pass Satisfactory
L Low Pass Satisfactory
F Failure Failure
S Satisfactory Satisfactory
CR Credit Satisfactory
NC No Credit Grade is equivalent to an F
U Unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory
CIP Course in Progress  
I Incomplete  
NG No Grade Assigned  
T Transfer Credit  
W Withdrawal  
X Excusal  
YL Year Long Course  
Y Year Long Course