Exam Regulations Policy

Learn more about the Law School's Exam Regulation Policies.
  1. All examination rooms must be completely vacated one half hour prior to the scheduled time for the examination. Thereafter, students may only enter the examination room when the proctor so indicates.Students who enter the room prior to the proctor’s arrival to the examination will be asked to vacate the room. All students must be checked into the examination room. Students are expected to be on time for examinations and arrive 30 minutes before the starting time of the exam. Any student who arrives after the start time of the examination, due to transportation problems or other extenuating circumstances should report to the Dean of Students. Only the Dean of Students may permit the student to begin the examination at a later time with the full time allocation. Any student who arrives to the examination room after the starting time of the examination (without approval of the Dean of Students) will not be permitted any additional time to complete the examination. Examsoft users who arrive late to an examination will be required to handwrite the examination.

  2. There shall be no materials of any kind in the examination area during CLOSED BOOK examinations. Students taking LIMITED OPEN BOOK examinations will be allowed to bring in only those materials specifically authorized by the professor. Students must leave their personal belongings including hats, caps or hoods in the front of the room in the area designated by the proctor. Students may not return to their personal belongings while the examination is in process, except under the direct supervision of the proctor.

    Students are strongly encouraged not to bring any non examination materials (other than personal items) into the examination room for a closed book/limited open book examination. Students who remove articles of clothing like sweaters or jackets during the examination must place these items under the desk. Students will not be permitted to leave these articles on writing surfaces or on the backs or seats of chairs.

  3. Each student's identification card must be visible during the course of the examination.

  4. Students will receive only one examination answer book, and will be required to fully complete the assigned book before requesting supplemental writing material. Students will not be allowed additional writing material for outlining purposes. Students should use the available space on the examination or in the examination answer book for outlining. The proctor must determine that all available space has been used in the assigned examination book before additional material will be issued.

  5. Since the examination process is anonymous,

    a. students shall not identify themselves to the Professor in any manner whatsoever in the examination book.

    b. "Examination Rules and Regulations provide that a student shall not reveal to a course instructor, in an examination booklet or in any other manner, any facts(s) identifying the exam writer by name or otherwise providing information concerning the identity of the author of a particular examination booklet prior to the date on which grades are disseminated by the Academic Services Office. A violation of the Regulations constitutes a violation of the Law School's Academic Integrity Rule as set forth in the Student Handbook."

  6. Students shall not remove pages or portions thereof from the examination questions, the examination answer book, or from any supplemental materials handed out by the proctor.

  7. Students are requested to consider and respect the rights of others and to avoid any actions which would be distracting to others during the examinations. Students may bring in beverages in covered containers only.
  8. When the proctor announces the commencement of the examination, no student shall speak or communicate in any way with another student. Students shall not communicate with each other until after they have left the examination room at the conclusion of the examination. Students may not share textbooks or any other materials with one another nor provide assistance to another student.

  9. Students shall not leave the room during the examination without prior permission of the proctor. Only ONE student is permitted to leave the examination room at a time and must sign out and in. The student must give all of his or her materials to the proctor upon leaving the room. The materials will be returned by the proctor to the student upon reentering the examination room.

    Students may leave the examination room, with proctor permission, only to use the restroom on the same floor as the examination room in which the student is taking the examination. Students are not permitted to visit any other areas for any other reason during the examination.

  10. Student Examination Numbers must appear on the front cover of each examination test booklet in the space provided.

  11. Upon completion of the examination and recording by the proctor, the student shall immediately depart the examination area and shall not return until the examination process has been completed by the proctor and the room is cleared of all examinees.

  12. No student, including those who have completed the examination, will be allowed to leave the room during the last ten minutes of the examination.

  13. Once the proctor announces that the examination has ended, all remaining students must stop writing and remain seated. The proctor will then inform the students when they may approach the desk to submit their examination materials.

  14. It is the student's responsibility to see that the aforementioned materials are recorded by the proctor.