Posting Policy


Posters, posters on easels, and flyers are not permitted in Sargent Hall except as indicated in this policy.

Notices regarding school-related activities and information may be posted as follows

  • Electronic Screens
  • Magnetic Boards (located on floors 2, 3 & 4): Announcements may be printed in letter, legal or tabloid (11x17”) size only (larger postings will be removed). Flyers are limited to 1 per office/organization at any time.
  • Bulletin Boards designated for “general” announcements or designated for specific student groups or offices as appropriate/approved*
  • Posters on easels cause obstructions to hallways, doors and/or general traffic flow and may cause a safety hazard, therefore easels are NOT permitted in Sargent Hall, except as stated below:
    • 1 easel with 1 foam mounted poster may be posted on the DAY OF an event ONLY outside the Function Room (Room 170); Large Courtroom (Room 425); Faculty Dining Room or Alumni
    • Meeting Room (Suite 495); Corcoran Room (715).
    • Easels must be provided by the person or organization responsible for the posting

ALL easels, posters, and flyers must be removed by the person/organization immediately following event

Notices may NOT be posted on walls, woodwork, lockers, doors, windows, in elevators, or in restrooms. If directional signage is required for a specific event, you may use painters tape ONLY to post on the Classroom/Conference Room door or wall outside the room/classroom. All signage must be promptly removed by the event organizer immediately following event.

Students/Student Organizations must receive approval for all postings. Law students should seek approval from the Law Dean of Students Office or the Office of Academic Services before any material may be posted. SBS and Undergraduate students should seek approval from the appropriate Dean/Dean of Students office.

Prohibitions/Additional regulations

  • Postings may not use alcohol as an enticement
  • Postings may not include non-school related activities or information
  • Postings should contain proper spelling and grammar and should be appropriate in content for a professional school environment
  • Postings may not include advertisements for goods or services offered by for-profit organizations or vendors
  • Outdated postings shall be removed promptly by the party who placed the posting

Suffolk reserves the right to remove or edit any postings.

*Bulletin boards are located on floors 1-3, floor 4 and floor 6. Bulletin boards are designated for specific offices/organizations (as labeled). General announcements may be posted ONLY on the boards labeled “General Announcements” located on floor 1 and floor 6.

To add a posting to the law student e-newsletter, please contact the Law School Dean of Students Office.

The options to post announcements under this policy do not apply to vendors. Vendors must adhere to the Vendor Policy.