University Posting Policy

Suffolk University’s posting guidelines were developed to support student organizations recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA), Graduate Student Association (GSA), Student Bar Association (SBA) and department-sponsored student groups as well as administrative and academic departments. Those that consistently violate these guidelines may have their posting privileges restricted. Only Suffolk University sponsoring organizations are permitted to post posters and flyers and digital and easel postings on University property.

These guidelines are intended to support the tenets of the Freedom of Expression Policy which may be found on the Suffolk University website.

All posters, flyers, digital and easel postings must comply with contemporary standards consistent with a professional school environment.


Sponsoring Organization: Recognized and department-sponsored student and administrative and academic departments.

  • Poster: Single sheet of paper or poster that does not exceed 11” x 17” except when authorized by Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) or the Law Dean of Students Office.
  • Flyer: Single 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper.
  • Digital Media: Announcements in the form of jpg or png to be placed on digital media screens. Foam mounted posters are to be placed on easels and may not exceed 24” x 36” in size.
  • Unrestricted Bulletin Board: Bulletin board designed by these guidelines as a bulletin board available for posting by a sponsoring organization.
  • Restricted Bulletin Board: Bulletin boards including those enclosed by glass or designated by a department. No one other than authorized personnel may post on restricted bulletin boards.

Print Posting

All postings must include the following information:

  • Full name and contact information of the recognized student organization or administrative or academic departments(s)
  • Description of the program
  • Date, time, the location of program/event, and availability of transportation (or directions) if the event is off-campus
  • Admission criteria, if necessary, such as ticket price or Suffolk ID required
  • Rain date(s) and refund policy (if applicable)Posters or flyers must be limited to one (1) per unrestricted bulletin board per event.

All postings must be removed by the sponsoring organization immediately following the event (or in the case of a student organization, by the date stamped on the posting.) The University reserves the right to remove postings which are not removed by the sponsoring organization in a timely manner, and to restrict the ability of the sponsoring organization to post if it fails to remove their postings in a timely fashion.

Posters and flyers may not be posted on any restricted or glass bulletin boards, windows, doors, building posts, and elevator doors or within elevators or bathrooms, as they will be removed.

Posters or flyers must be affixed with thumbtacks, pushpins or regular staples, not glue or tape. Magnets should be used to post on white magnetic dry-erase boards. Posters or flyers may NOT be posted on walls, posts, woodwork, columns, lockers, doors, windows, or in elevators. Posters and flyers may be posted in approved restroom locations. If directional signage is required for a specific event, painters’ tape may be used only to post on the classroom/conference room door or wall outside the room/classroom and must be removed immediately following the event.

If alcohol is served at an event, advertisements shall not mention the availability of alcoholic beverages.

Postings may not violate the Law School’s Marketing and Vendor policy.

Postings placed over the posters or flyers of other sponsoring organizations is not permitted. If space is not available on a particular bulletin board, space must become available before posting additional posters or flyers. Postings displayed over posters or flyers of another group will be removed.

The Sponsoring organization is responsible for providing, and paying for, all copies and supplies associated with the organization’s postings.

Requirements for Student Organizations

Undergraduate and graduate recognized student organizations must be approved and stamped by SLI, located on the 3rd floor of Sawyer.

Law School recognized student organization postings must be approved by the Law Dean of Students Office, located on the 4th floor of Sargent.

The appropriate office must stamp all posters and flyers BEFORE they are posted on unrestricted campus bulletin boards designated as such in these guidelines.

SLI and the Law Dean of Students Office may not approve a posting if it does not comply with contemporary standards of decorum consistent with a professional school environment. See appeal process below.

Academic and Administrative Departments

The stamping of posters and flyers by academic and administrative departments is not required; however, academic and administrative departments are expected to follow all other aspects of these posting guidelines.

Posting in Suffolk University Residence Halls

After having posters/flyers approved at SLI, all sponsoring organizations who wish to post in the residence halls should bring posters/flyers to the Residence Life and Housing Office, located on the 7th floor 73 Tremont Street. For security reasons, sponsoring organizations cannot post their flyers in the residence halls themselves. Sponsoring organizations must bring the appropriate number of posters or flyers to Residence Life and Housing for distribution.

If you have questions about posting in the residence halls, please call 617-305-2500.

Residence Halls

Miller 20 All copies of the approved flyer with the SLI Office stamp must be presented to the designated Residence Life Office. Please leave the desired number of copies with the Residence Life Office and allow the Resident Assistant(s) 24 hours to post the flyers of their prospective floors.
Smith 15
10 West

Unrestricted Bulletin Boards

Sawyer Building 8 Ashburton Place
1st Floor 3 Bulletin boards in the hallway
2nd Floor 3 Bulletin boards in the second-floor stairway
3rd Floor 3 One bulletin board next to the stairwell across from the elevators and two small bulletin boards down the hall on the right side
4th Floor 5 Three bulletin boards directly across from the elevators, and two bulletin boards in the student lounge down the hall on the left
5th Floor 4 Four small bulletin boards next the elevators
6th Floor 2 One bulletin board in the stairwell and one small bulletin board to the right of the elevators down the hallway
8th Floor: 2 One bulletin board in the stairwell, and one bulletin board in the hallway right outside of the kitchen
9th Floor 1
One bulletin board located at the end of the hallway 
10th Floor 1
One bulletin board located to the right of the elevator
11th Floor 2 Two bulletin boards located at the end of the hallway
12th Floor
1 One bulletin board located in the stairwell. The ones directly across from the elevators are restricted.

Sargent Hall

Magnetic Boards Bulletin boards are located on floors 1-4, and floor 6. Bulletin boards are designated for specific offices/organizations (as labeled). General announcements may be posted ONLY on the boards labeled “General Announcements” located on floor 1 and floor 6.
Note: For posting in 5th floor restrooms, please contact The Sawyer School Graduate Office.
3rd Floor
4th Floor
Samia Academic Center
Basement Magnetic Boards Bulletin boards are located on each floor next to the elevators with an additional large bulletin board located outside of the café dining area.
1st Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
4th Floor 
6th Floor
Stahl Building
2nd Floor 1
Located near the security desk on the second floor
5th Floor 2
Two locations on the 5th floor
9th Floor 1
Located in the CLAS study room on 9th floor

Digital Posting

Community announcements, services and events can be displayed on digital screens located throughout campus in addition to, or instead of, print posters and flyers. Any University department or recognized student organization can submit a digital file to be posted. The sponsoring organization is responsible for creating the posting for display; the content must follow all policies outlined in the print posting section.

Process for posting digital messages: Files should be emailed to the appropriate office listed below at least 72 hours (or three business days) in advance of the desired display date. Flyers should be 1080x1400 (landscape orientation for Sargent Law School - portrait orientation for everywhere else) and be either .JPG, or .PNG file types. Please include the beginning and end dates that the content should be displayed. Postings will be displayed for a maximum of two weeks.

The University’s Office of Marketing and Communications may bypass the above guidelines regarding length of posting for the purposes of promoting large campus-wide events or campaigns.

Foam Mounted Posters on Easels

Sponsoring organizations may use foam mounted posters on easels in the first floor lobbies of Sargent, Stahl, Sawyer, Samia and One Beacon ONLY on the day of the event to increase awareness and publicity of the program taking place.

Easels may not be placed at any time on the 2nd floor lobby of the Stahl Building. Easels must be provided by the person or organization responsible for the posting.

Easels may not block access to elevators, door/entrance ways, and egress or emergency exits. ADA compliance must also be taken into consideration. The University reserves the right to relocate or remove easels which limit accessibility or otherwise do not comply with these guidelines. The University is not responsible for easels left in a lobby.


Objections to the content of posters, flyers, digital media or foam core mounted posters may be submitted in writing to the Assistant Dean of Students/Director of SLI or the Law Dean of Students Office. Sponsoring organizations may submit an objection if their poster or flyer is not approved. Once an objection has been received, the poster, flyer, digital media or foam core mounted poster will be removed from posting locations and will not be approved for posting until such time as a decision will be made regarding the objection. A committee of 4 people (a student appointed by SGA, GSA or the SBA, a representative from each – Provost’s Office, Finance and Administration and Student Affairs or Law Dean of Students) – will be convened within two days by the Associate Dean of Students or Law School Dean of Students who will vote only in the case of a tie. The decision of the committee will be final.

Guidelines Revised 12/02/2019