Withdrawal Due to Failure to File Previous Educational Transcript(s)

In accordance with ABA Standards and Rules of Procedure for Approval of Law Schools Standard 502(d), transcripts verifying all academic credits undertaken and degree(s) conferred of a student enrolled in the Law School must be filed with the Law School no later than the following:
  • for students matriculating in the Fall, by October 15th.
  • for students matriculating at another time, within 4 weeks of the date classes begin.

Students who fail to file transcripts by this deadline will be withdrawn from the Law School. Those in this situation who wish to return to the Law School must apply for readmission in accordance with the Readmissions Process outlined in the Law School Rules and Regulations.

Financial Aid Notice

The University is required to recalculate federal student aid eligibility for students who are withdrawn prior to completing 60% of a semester. In some cases, federal loans already disbursed to the student may need to be returned to the lender. This may result in the student owing money to Suffolk University.  Accordingly, the Student Financial Services Office will be notified of any student who has not submitted a transcript before the first day of classes of the student’s first year and is therefore risking withdrawal on the dates listed above. In such cases, a student’s eligibility for financial may be affected.