Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their respective rooms/suites/apartments/ bathrooms, which are subject to monthly health and safety inspections. Health and safety inspections are unannounced; however, Residence Life & Housing may choose to notify students of the inspections in advance.  All rooms and apartments are inspected during vacation periods. Perishable food may not be stored in student areas unless the food is kept refrigerated. Other food items kept in rooms must be stored in closed containers to avoid attracting and harboring insects and to avoid contamination of food. Cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms should be done regularly by residents. Common bathrooms (not including bathrooms within suites) at 150 Tremont Street are cleaned by the University housekeeping staff. Residents are expected to work out an equitable schedule among themselves to maintain these standards. Residents must bag and tie all trash on a regular basis and dispose of it in designated locations within the building. Residence Life & Housing is dedicated to sustainability on Suffolk’s campus and encourage residents to recycle.